Today the meeting of the National Command and Operating center (NCOC) was held under the Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood regarding the decision of Matric and Inter Exams. Inter-Provincial Education Ministers Committee meeting chaired by Federal Minister Shafqat Mahmood and Provisional Ministers are also part of this meeting.

It is decided in the meeting that students of matric and enter will not be promoted this year. It is also cleared by Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood that all exams will be held this year.

It is decided in the meeting that exams will be held in two phases after June 20, 2021In the first phase, exams of the 10th and 12th class will be held from June 20. Later in the 2nd phase, exams of the 9th and 11th class will be held in August and September. Exams of the 10th and 12th class are being held on priority so that students can join universities on time. Before this, it was decided that matric exams will be held from 25 May and Inter Exams will be held from 3 July. But now the decision was changed due to an increase in COVID-19 cases and now exams of 10th and 12th class will be held first after 20 June.

It is also decided in the meeting that summer holidays will be short for this year and all federal units will ensure timely vaccination of teachers, supervisory staff and other administrative staff.

Decision Regarding Matric and Inter Exams 2021