In this article, we will tell you about the best institute for CA/ACCA in Lahore. So this article is for those students who want to do CA after inter or Bcom and they don’t have any idea about this field and about institutions.
Every institute that is registered under ICAP is good for CA/ACCA because the course coverage plan and testing plan of all institutions are almost the same. Many CA/ACCA students give priority to teachers for a particular subject instead of institutes because the teaching method and experience are different for every teacher.

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SO many students learn one subject from one institution and other subjects from 2nd institution as they want to study from their best teachers. This technique help CA/ACCA students to pass exams easily as they are learning from their best teachers. 

So it doesn’t mean that all teachers of CA/ACCA are not good. Every teacher of CA/ACCA is good, as their teaching method and experience is different from one another so that’s why students choose teacher according to their interest for a particular subject. 

If one student likes one teacher so it doesn’t mean the other student will also like that teacher. In this way, students often change institutions to learn from the best teachers according to their interests.

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Below is the list of best institutions for CA/ACCA in Lahore. This ranking based upon institution teaching quality, research, finance & facilities, social integration, community development, environment, and quality assurance.

Best Institute for CA/ACCA in Lahore

1.The Professionals’ Academy of Commerce (PAC)

41-T, Gulberg-II, Lahore.UAN: 042-111-722-338
Ph: 042-35878070-73
Fax: 042-35759281
Web site:

2.Rise, Premier School of Accountancy,

06 Aurangzaib Block, Garden Town Lahore.
Ph: 042-35941920,35952227
Fax: 042-5852006

3.SKANS School of Accountancy, Lahore

159-Abu Bakar Block, New Garden Town Lahore
Ph: 042-35913651-3
Cell: 0347-7779983
E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:

4.College of Accountancy & Professional

Studies (CAPS)
15 Aurangzeb Block, New Garden Town Lahore
Ph: 042-5888081, 5889185
Fax: 5888438
E-mail 1:
E-mail 2:

5.CFE College of Accountancy and Finance

10-B, Aibak Block, Garden Town Lahore.
Ph: 042-35941781-4