Due to the Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board’s inefficiency, three million students in Punjab have been forced to start the new academic year without textbooks (PCTB).

According to information, PCTB has been dealing with a number of management challenges, which has caused a significant delay in publishing books for grades six through nine. The books should arrive in August, according to PCTB. Students will have to suffer till then as a result of PCTB’s mismanagement.

Parents have expressed grave concerns about the situation. They claim that due to a lack of textbooks, youngsters are unable to do their daily assignments.

Teachers have said that unless the situation improves before the start of summer break in the province, kids will be unable to complete summer vacation assignments.

The delay in publishing books has been extended due to the current political uncertainties, according to a representative for the Punjab Teachers Union (PTU).

Punjab’s School Education Department (SED) and Higher Education Department (HED) have been operating without regular ministers for some weeks, causing delays.