Faisalabad is among the largest cities in Pakistan both in terms of land area and population. As the city of textiles and agriculture, it is evolving in regards to knowledge and technology. That is why there is a need for an increase in the number of academic institutions in Faisalabad. It is because education is the foundation of every profession and field. Education provides the essentials that an engineer, doctor, IT specialist, software engineer, or other professional requires. Starting at the very elementary schooling every parent is concerned about the best education for their children. in this article you can find the top best schools in Faisalabad for matric students.

Top 10 Best Schools In Faisalabad for Matric

We have provided an inventory of the best schools both government and private in Faisalabad. The institutes listed will be vital in providing primary, middle and secondary education for individuals.

1. Faisalabad Grammar School

FGS was founded in 1979. FGS was established in 1979 with the aim of providing high-quality standard education to the minds of the youth who will become our next generation. It is part of the FGS Group of Colleges and Schools currently has five campuses across the city, with one of those having separate wings dedicated to girls and boys. In addition, the Faisalabad Grammar school offers classes for students from matriculation to intermediate. The school also offers O-level as well as A-level programs in education. Apart from curricular improvement and extracurricular activities are offered, including annual events, art exhibits such as funfairs, fairs, as well as talent searches. Every campus is equipped with laboratories, libraries, and playgrounds to provide children with a balanced mix of learning and enjoyment. The school also offers Student organizations and activities like clubs like the Science Society, Music Club, Literary/Debating Club, Dramatics Club as well as the Community Service Society.

Contact Details:

Address: C47C+FWJ, Jaranwala Rd, Kohinoor City Faisalabad, Punjab

Phone No: 0418547755

2. The City School Faisalabad

The City School System has an international network of education, which is spread throughout Pakistan. The City School is an English private school with branches across different cities. It is the fastest growing school network with over 160 campuses across Pakistan. The campuses in Faisalabad cover all grade levels, from elementary to advanced. The school also offers O-levels and A-levels since it is a global network. Apart from the beautifully decorated school buildings and well-trained instructors, each campus has scientific labs that can be used for practical tasks and computer labs and library, as well as playgrounds, and other facilities. All these facilities are provided to students to encourage them to acquire essential skills and experience to be able to tackle actual-world issues. This City school fees arrangement is costly because of the high quality of education and the standard of facilities.

The aim of this educational system is to offer a higher quality of international education to expand the minds of the young. To enable them to become famous in the near future. This school has a staff that is skilled and has plenty of knowledge. It adheres to the UK national curriculum which has been specifically designed to give students effective information and develop their skills. The City Schools’ graduates are eligible to gain admission as well as admissions to some of the most famous and most prestigious institutions.

Contact Details:

Address: P-57/3, Bilal Street, Bilal Road, New, Civil Lines, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

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3. Allied School Faisalabad

All-Allied school is a nation-wide initiative belonging to the Punjab Group of Colleges. It is a privately-owned, English medium school that has over 600 branches across Pakistan. There are five campuses of Allied school located in Faisalabad that are known as Batala campus Iqra campus Alfalah campus Hussain campus as well as Kashmir campus. If you are looking for a high-quality education and character building of your children, it’s one of the top institutes located in Faisalabad. The school is an co-educational institution at the junior grade as well as having separate schools for boys and girls. Each year, a large number of students apply for admittance for admission to Allied School because of its promising career growth. The school allows admissions to classes, playgroups and the matric science level with top school amenities including libraries, computer labs and clean drinking water. It also has a play area, medical facilities and security systems. The school has highly trained teachers who strive to deliver 100% results each year.

Contact Details:

Address: Opp. Faisal Garden, Near Becon, House East Canal Expy, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

4. Divisional Public School Faisalabad

Divisional Public School Faisalabad is another top school that has campuses across different cities. The school was founded in 1963 and is one of the longest-running schools located in Faisalabad. This school, the Divisional Public School & College located in Faisalabad strives to produce self-respecting and self-sufficient Pakistanis who are enthralled by their heritage, with a sense of dedication and ready to face the challenges of today’s world with courage and dignity. It is a state-run school offering classes from the age of primary to intermediate. The school has separate buildings for girls and boys. The DPS offers all the top amenities that one would expect from a quality school. Library. Labs, fully furnished and well-lit classrooms, the best teachers, hostels and mosques. are all available on each campus.

Contact Details:

Address: Stadium Road, Civil Lines, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

5. Beaconhouse School Faisalabad

Since its founding at the end of 1975 The Beaconhouse education is a system that has established several branches across the nation. Since it is an international initiative that has branches in different countries as well. It is listed among the top schools because it concentrates on both curricular and extracurricular options for students from all over Pakistan. It allows students from kindergarten through the matriculation stage. THis schois based on the Cambridge curriculum and also offers an O-level curriculum. The school provides an international standard of quality educational opportunities in Pakistan. Students from Beaconhouse School have access to the sports and athletics field along with music and singing, drama and theatre robotics, Fine art literature, as well as many other talents through student-run organisations as well as international and national competitions. The school is located in Faisalabad, BS has two branches. Boys Branch canal campus and girls branch canal campus.

Contact Details:

Address: Ghulam Fatima Karim Hospital, 204-RB E Canal Rd, Near Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone No: 0412421860

6. Lahore Grammar School Faisalabad

The year 1999 was the time that Lahore Grammar School Faisalabad (LGS) began offering the Cambridge educational system to students at Faisalabad; it has evolved to be one of the top Cambridge schools in Faisalabad. LGS is also home to campuses located in other cities throughout Pakistan, the initial school opening in Lahore in 1979.

A single of the top schools to allow your child to learn and excel can be found at Lahore Grammar School. It’s an excellent option that has the most extensive syllabus and instructors readily available. Lahore Grammar School uses the Cambridge Board of International Examinations for A and O Levels. It is also among the most expensive schools in Pakistan. It is the Lahore Grammar School, a private school that is non-profit and private and is committed to teaching prominent figures in Faisalabad. Growth in personal development, social interaction as well as the development of talent that is not yet discovered are vital elements at Lahore Grammar School. They offer a wide range of challenging tasks that encourage their students to expand their perspectives.

Contact Details:

Address: Near Chamber Of Commerce, E Canal Rd, Zia Colony Raza Town, Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan

Phone No: 0412421233

7. Kohinoor Grammar School Faisalabad

Kohinoor Grammar School Faisalabad (KGS) is now home to four branches around Faisalabad started educating children in 1984, with only one campus. Their motto, ‘Learn to lead,’ enables their students to take on an active role in leadership throughout their academic careers and beyond, with a focus on holistic education where children are educated to become responsible citizens. KGS offers sports such as basketball, cricket, football and gymnastics, including badminton and karate, aswell working with local NGOs in order to engage kids in community service and work to improve the quality of life for the quality of life for all. They provide every child with an enjoyable, safe and enjoyable learning environment where they can improve their self-confidence. They train their pupils to be confident in all areas with the most current learning techniques.

Contact Details:

Address: C47C+CJX, Kohinoor City Faisalabad, Punjab

Phone No: 0418545453

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8. La Salle High School Faisalabad

La Salle High School Faisalabad is one of the city’s largest private schools, boasting an illustrious history of teaching youngsters. Due to its unparalleled efforts to develop strong evidence of effectiveness, the school has emerged as a beacon of hope for children in Faisalabad and the districts around it. The school offers a top-quality education starting from the Playgroup stage to Matriculation , and then upper secondary school (F.A/F.Sc). It also ensures that students in computer science receive the highest level of education by providing students with the latest technology. The goal of the school is to build confidence in its students through character development, leadership as well as social awareness and leadership skills. Extracurricular activities such as debate competitions, sporting events, debate competitions, and quiz contests are employed to help students achieve this aim. Activities like debate competitions as well as sports day competitions and quiz competitions are employed to help students develop strong character traits.

Contact Details:

Address: C443+WR6, La Salle St, D Ground Block B People’s Colony No 1, Faisalabad, Punjab

Phone No: 0418715114

9. Chiniot Islamia Public School and College Faisalabad

Chiniot Islamia Public School was created by a welfare organisation called Chiniot Educational Society. With a stunning performance each year, the school is achieving the highest in academics. This school, which is a public one, offers classes in primary, secondary, middle and education. It has also begun higher education at the master’s degree level. Teachers are recruited by the department of education. They are highly educated and experienced. The CICS has well-equipped labs to study Physics, Chemistry, Biology and computers. Separate campuses are available for girls and boys. The primary goal of the institution is to gain respect and respect by ensuring the highest standards in the activities for the Board of SSC/HSC and other co curricular or extracurricular events.

Contact Details:

Address: West Canal Rd, Manawala, Gafoor Bashir Road, Faisalabad, Punjab 37610

Phone No: 0418758420

10. Little Giant’s Public School Faisalabad

The Little Giants Public School in Faisalabad is one of the best private schools within the town. LGPS consistently delivers excellent results and enhances the spirit and self-confidence of its pupils through the use of all the latest methods of teaching and learning. The school is an English public school that offers admissions for junior to matric level. It offers co-education at junior levels and separate classes for senior students. This school was designed to provide students with knowledge and make them proficient in applying the knowledge. It offers all amenities for students, including computers and science labs as well as clubs and societies that aid in the development and growth of students, libraries and playing spaces, sporting equipment, as well as stunning classrooms.

Contact Details:

Address: 35-Z-103, Green Belt Rd, Madina Town, Faisalabad

Phone No: 0418725050


As time passes individuals are becoming more aware of the importance of education while parents become aware of their children’s academics. Parents want more of a challenging and safe environment to teach their children. In this article we’ll give you an overview of the top public and private schools in Faisalabad. These schools were selected as top choices due to their academic excellence and a pleasant atmosphere.