Achieving a high-quality education at one of the finest schools is a fundamental need of each child. Education helps to develop and strengthen the brain, thinking and personality of the student. It helps them become more successful and productive citizens of the society. That’s what parents are aware of the importance of choosing the right education choice that will benefit their kid. We’ll help you through this and inform you about the Best Schools in Islamabad.

Parents are so anxious about the education of their children and they start to worry about it. Every parent is looking for the most suitable education for his child in order to ensure they are able to survive in today’s increasingly competitive world. Because Islamabad is an area of one of the largest, most developed and educated cities in Pakistan it has several excellent schools. Today, as numerous private schools compete with the public school which makes the decision somewhat difficult for parents.

Following questions will be answered in this article.

The list of the top best 10 schools in Islamabad.

These are top 10 schools in Islamabad with all the essential information.

1. Beacon House School system

Beacon House School Beacon House School was first established in Lahore in 1975 , which was then known as the Les Anges Montessori Academy for toddlers by Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri. The school is now expanding to several other countries across the globe. Beacon House collectively has over 146 branches spread across more than thirty cities in Pakistan. Since its inception, Beacon House has evolved to become an internationally-respected network of schools thanks to the Pakistani collaboration together with Gymboree Play and Music, through Concordia to provide an exclusive and valuable knowledge to graduates. Beacon House Islamabad blends preschool education, primary education and secondary schooling and preparation for international exams for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) as well as The Local Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

Contact Details:

Address: 38 Kohsar Road, Main Margalla Road, F 7/3 F-7, Islamabad, Pakistan

Phone: +92 51 111 232 266, +92 51 261 3869


Admission Procedure:

To apply to this prestigious institution for admission, visit this site right here.

2. The Frobel’s International School

Froebel’s International is a private school that was established in the year 1975 in the name of Mrs. Sabiha Zamir Khan. The school was started with just 10 students and 4 teachers and is now spread to eight campuses, with professionals and dedicated faculty from Pakistan.

The Froebel’s International School is famous for its premier education system, which provides academic, sports, and social activities to hundreds of students , ranging from infants at 6 weeks old in daycare, all the way the age of 18 in their field. In a loving and respectful school, every child is respected and feels that differences in physical or mental capabilities as well as culture and ethnicity are benefits that merit consideration.

Froebel’s achievements are due to the dedication of its teachers, hard-working students, strong parents, and an incredibly loyal school staff. By balancing freedom with control, the school’s teachers and administrators are working to ensure that the journey into adulthood and college is effortless for students.

Contact Details:

Frobel’s International School is one of the many branches throughout Islamabad. Below is the contact information.

Frobel’s F7, Islamabad:

Phone: +92 512 652164, +92 512 652165,


Address: 10 Street 13, F-7/2 F 7/2 F-7, Islamabad

3. Schola nova Islamabad

Schola Nova has been a global system of schools that focus on Humanities of the Greco-Latin tradition, created in 1995 with an purpose of focusing on Latin and ancient Greek. Schola Nova is teaching teenagers of Pakistan to learn to guide an exciting future. Since its start, Schola Nova has upheld the traditions of high expectations of education and is cultivated by the influence of a culture that is devoted to happiness in every aspects.It assists in the growth of each student to increase their confidence, gain self-confidence and prepare them to become competent learners who are ready to lead their communities as responsible citizens of the 21st century. Schola Nova is a network that is driven by passion and determination. It offers a wide range of academic pleasure with enriching educational courses, creative art programmes, and sports that are a part of the.

Contact Details:

Address: #5 Street 8, F-8/3 F 8/3 F-8, Islamabad,

Phone number:051-2855003, 051-2262090


Admission Process:

The official site of the institute, the schola nova, a visitors application form is available. From this page you will be able to download this admission form. If you wish to know any information about admission regarding the school , or to experience an interactive visit of the campus,, you only need to fill in this form to continue. If you like the school, you will need to fill in the admission application and you will be invited to take an entrance test on the date you have specified.

4. Head Start School

Head Start was founded in 1965. Head Start creates a real Pakistani curriculum that showcases the variety of cultures around the world. The goal that Head Start aims to offer is an education program that has at its core an emphasis on educating humanism and encouraging moral courage. Alongside all the necessary skills needed for effective civic engagement and global fluency in the 21st century. The educational environment at Head Start is coaching college students to be able to take part in and learn from their environment as best they can. From the beginning, they assist students in their college years and help students to understand their capabilities in identifying the best option to match their skills and preferences. Head Start’s goal is to provide students with all the necessary capabilities and abilities to enable them to attain the career they’ve always wanted.

Contact details:

Address: Street Number 1-A, Kuri, Road, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Phone Number: (+92) 51 843 5473


5. Roots Millennium School

Roots Millennium was established around 1988 Rawalpindi in the name of Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq. The school has now been extended to 20 campuses throughout Pakistan. Millennium Education is committed to becoming a global institution, dedicated to meeting the requirements and aspirations of an increasing number of students with exceptional academic programs that are backed by internationally acknowledged qualifications, social diversity as well as academic excellence and innovative accomplishments. Millennium Education’s mission is to meet global challenges by fostering student views, knowledge and beliefs, in order to maximise the potential of children’s intellectual, mental, physical, and social aspects. It’s a place of learning in which the curiosity and passions of students are encouraged and stimulated by the teachers and students.

Contact Details:

Address: JVX2+HVF, Block H D-18 Engineering Co-Operative, Islamabad, 

Phone Number: +92 3315060561 UAN +92 51 1111 193


Fee Structure

The fees structure of Roots Millennium School is different in various grades and within various branches. Check the official tuition guidelines on their website at this link. You can also visit the closest location or branch of Roots Millennium for proper details.

6. The City School

City schools was established in 1978, and is one of the most extensive schools that are privately run in Pakistan. It is home to about 160 campuses spread across Pakistan. More than 150 000 students are on its campus. Nearly 8 of the campuses are situated in Islamabad. Each campus is well-organized and equipped with the necessary teaching facilities. The school is growing to meet the increasing demand for top-quality education. City School students are among the best performers in their nation as well as around the world.

The school offers education to students of all ages from elementary to A-level. It is a City School that is highly ambitious to discover the most effective teaching methods to help students distinguish themselves from the rest of. They aim to create an extremely competitive and educational atmosphere for their students so that they can make the most effective options in the near future.

Contact details:

Address: near Shifa, Pitras Bukhari Rd, H-8/1 H 8/1 H-8, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Phone Number: 051-4939280 or 051-4939274

E-mail Address:

Admission Procedure:

To be admitted to this school, first you need to sign-up by submitting all the necessary details on their website. After the test, your admission will be administered and, lastly, you need to finish all the required formalities for admission.

The entire information regarding the admission process and prospectus, the required documents and scholarship information is available here. You can also fill out the online the student enrollment online to submit your application.

Fee Structure:

The fees of the City School is different between campuses due to the location and size of the campus. The main campus is more expensive than the other , and ranges between the amount of Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 a month.

7. Army Public School & College System

The APSACS at the age of twelve months earned many positive reviews and goodwill on the market. All this was possible thanks to the committed and ambitious team at this. The institution is designed to offer students with high quality, integrity, and expertise. The organisation’s challenging atmosphere and its conviction in itself can raise the standard of education across Islamabad.

The school has numerous branches across Pakistan and, in Islamabad however, none of its branches are operating effectively. It offers education from infant through intermediate grade for boys and girls on separate campuses. It is a renowned name because of its explosive outcomes in the matriculation process.

Contact Details:

Address: J683+4FC, Block D Islamabad, Pakistan

8. Super Nova School

Super Nova School is situated in the most prominent area located in Islamabad and is among the most prestigious schools in Islamabad. It is involved in providing education outside of the classroom to students from elementary school through A-level. It is believed that since its creation, it has gained an excellent reputation in the marketplace among its competitors because of its excellent education. It offers an unbeatable education system for its students and the surrounding.

With world-class educational opportunities under the guidance of a renowned teacher, Super Nova School aspires to create a conducive environment for the development of students’ intellect. In addition to imposing only traditional education to the students, the school is working to build character and grooming of students. The students are engaged with a wide range of co-curricular and academic activities. 

Contact details:

Address: 16 Nazim-ud-din Rd, F-8/1 F 8/1 F-8, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Phone Number: +92(051)2611785, +92(051)2611783

Email Address:

Admission Procedure:

Students can register through their portal and, after that, they need to pay the fees at the bank. Once they have completed the process, they are eligible to sit for the entry test, interview, or for admission. You can apply to be admitted by clicking here.

9. OPF School

OPFhas created a quality education system in the entire country . Azad the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It was established in 1979. Its branches are spread across 24 schools with over 17,000 students in the enrollment. From pre-nursery to graduation The school system provides an excellent education for children of Pakistanis from overseas. Level O and A-level education is also offered in the schools of Islamabad. OPF provides the infrastructure and resources for people, finance and the administration and management assistance that is required for ensuring high-quality service.

Contact Details:

Address: H-9-4, H-9, ICT, H 9/4 H-9, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Telephone No. (051) 4939281

Email Address:

Admission Procedure:

Admission is granted to children of foreign Pakistanis and admission begins in January and runs through April. Intermediate admission is open immediately after the announcement of their matriculation results. The other necessary information is accessible through their official site at this link.

10. Lahore Grammar School

LGS is thought to be the top private school across all cities in Pakistan. The school provides education for students from preschool through secondary schooling. It was founded in 1979 and has the full membership of Cambridge. Cambridge Board of International exams. It also offers O-Level and A-level students in a highly competitive and educational atmosphere. It has branches throughout Pakistan including the main branch located in Lahore.

The principal reason for its popularity in the market is its constant quality of education throughout the time of operation as well as its educational curriculum. It is divided into subsections which include juniors, middle senior, O-Level and A-Level.

Contact Details:

Address: 16-H Luqman Hakeem Rd, G-6/3 G 6/3 G-6, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Telephone No. (051) 282442

Admission Procedure:

In order to be admitted into the prestigious institution, students are required to visit the school with the required documents. After completing the admissions form, they will receive the test date for entry and the date you are able to join the school upon passing the exam. The full information regarding the admission process and the policies are completely available at their website on this page.

Fee Structure:

The cost that is charged by that of the LGS Islamabad varies between its sections, but ranges from the amount of Rs. between 20,000 and 3000 rupees per month. It is paid after three months, or on an annual basis. The fee for the remainder varies among campuses, which can be determined by contacting the campus you want.

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Phone No. 051-5512870, 051-5512872

Email Address:

Admission Procedure:

Students need to be registered with their portal online and fill in all required information and they are scheduled for an entrance test in the event there is a vacancy within the classroom. Students must be able to pass the entrance test by 50% marks, and then they must attend for merit lists.

The complete information about the admission process and prospectus, the required documents and scholarship information is accessible on the APSACS the official site right here.

Fee Structure:

The cost of an Army public school is different among sections. The fees range between to Rs. 16,000 to the amount of 40,000 rupees per month. Full details about the fees and age groups can be found here.. It was the list of Best Schools in Islamabad if you have any suggestion please share your thoughts by comment section.