On May 24, 2021, the meeting of the National Command and Operating center (NCOC) was held in which Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood announced that all exams will be held this year and students will not be promoted this year without exams. In the meeting, it was decided that exams shall start after June 20, 2021.
After this announcement students worried about their exams. Many students start protesting that they are not fully prepared for the exams.
Students protesting that they have studied the whole session online and only 1-2 months in physical classes.
Students that belong to backward areas are unable to attend online classes effectively as internet services in the background areas of Pakistan are not good. Many students that belong to poor families and don’t have the devices i.e smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC are also unable to attend online classes.
Students that have the devices and attend online classes, they are not satisfied with the quality of online education because Pakistan is a developing country and many institutes don’t have the latest technology to give online education.
As the quality of online education was not good and many students are unable to attend online classes, Students are depressed now. Students are under stress and depression due to incomplete preparation for exams.
According to Ary News, One of the Karachi students committed suicide due to the stress and depression of not being promoted to the next class. He is a student of Grade 8 and he wants to be promoted to the next class but his parents don’t allow him.
Earlier this month, One of the final year student of MBBS committed suicide because of failure in examination. Besides this many students commit suicide due to exams and educational pressure in the whole world.
Now the government wants to take exams from students and they are not well prepared for exams. This is causing Stress and Depression in Students.
This is not good for students and will lead them to failure. So that’s why many students are protesting on social media and in different places in Pakistan. They are raising their voice for Justice.
So the government needs to understand it and should cancel the exams or give enough time to students to prepare for exams.